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Garage Door Service

Our experts have the required experience, knowledge, and tools to handle any type of issue regarding your Garage Door or Garage Door Opener.

  • Garage Door and Opener Repair

  • Garage Door and Opener Replacement

  • Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

  • Framing and Capping

  • Comercial and Residential

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Garage Door Service

Window And Glass Service

Don't waste your money with expensive repairs and replacements of your window. If you are low on budget, we will do it another way.

  • Foggy Window Glass Repair

  • Cracked Window Glass Repair

  • Window and Door Glass Replacement

  • Entire Window Replacement

  • Comercial and Residential

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Garage Door Service

Entry Door Service

The first step to a beautiful home or office starts with the door. With our great warranties and prices, you can never go wrong.

  • Interior/Exterior

  • Custom/Standard

  • Commercial/Residential

  • Steel/Fire Coded

  • Rough Opening Size Adjustment

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Garage Door Service

Locks and Locksmith Service

Our experts have the state of the art tools,electronic equipment, and supplies to unlock, rekey, or fix any problem regarding your locks.

  • Residential/Commercial/Auto Locksmith

  • Lost keys/Rekey

  • Master Keys

  • Car Lockouts

  • Lock and Key Changes

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Garage Door Service

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Garage Door Installation And Repair

Expert Garage Door Repair Services in Philadelphia County, Bucks County, West Chester, and King Of Prussia, PA are an integral part of many residential and commercial structures. Over time, the components of even the best garage doors can begin to break down from normal wear and tear. Sometimes a sudden breakdown may occur unexpectedly without any warning. If this happens to your Philadelphia home, you'll need an expert you can call at any time of day to repair the problem so you don't face ongoing security issues. Repair experts from PhillyDoors, Inc. will be at your location quickly thanks to our same ­day services. Your issue could be something simple, like the garage door going off its track, or something a little more complicated, like a need for broken spring repairs. You can rest assured that when you need garage door repair that is fast, efficient, and affordable, our repair experts will make sure your day has a chance to get back on schedule. If you have an unexpected issue with your garage door, then contact PhillyDoors, Inc. today. We will diagnose and then effectively repair the issue so you have one less worry to think about during your day. If your garage door needs repair, we'll fix it for a price that is fair and competitive.


Did you know that the average garage door has 300+ moving parts that work independently of each other? A garage door is an amazingly complex invention that has a stunning record of dependability considering the intricacy of its design. That complexity is also why it is so important to make sure all of those moving parts are in good working order from time to time. When we come out to your Philadelphia home for a scheduled garage door tuneup, we'll make sure nothing is trying to work its way loose. If we discover loose components, we'll make them nice and tight once again. We'll also lubricate the springs, rollers, and hinges so that you will receive the best possible performance from your garage door. If there is a need for the garage door to be balanced or adjusted, we'll take care of it. We'll also check your tracks to make sure they're properly aligned. Dirt or debris can be problematic, so our repair experts will take care of that issue as well. With the occasional garage door tuneup and ongoing maintenance, wear and tear damage can be stopped from multiplying into serious and costly repair issues. Your garage door can help to protect your home for years to come when it receives a little TLC. At PhillyDoors, Inc., when it comes to maintenance and tuneups, there really is no job that is too big or small. Even if all you need is an adjustment to your safety or travel settings, we'll be happy to provide you with a quality result. If you can't remember the last time you had a professional inspection completed, then now is a great time to schedule a garage door tuneup to get an overview of the health of your door. It could be a decision that saves you from a major repair later on.


Not everyone will need to completely replace their garage door. Normally garage door replacement isn't in the mind of people who are looking for a garage door company. They want to repair their garage door and be done with it. Although most of the time that should be the end of it, but sometimes that's not the case. If you have a really old door, you maybe in need of a garage door replacement service. There are several reasons to do so. Garage door replacement adds value to your home, it insulates you garage better, it's much more safer to be around, and add a lot of curb appeal to your home.


A slight bump to the garage door is sometimes all it takes for it to get off track. Sometimes a cable will snap or some other malfunction will occur. Even if the garage door is slightly off track or out of balance, the door can become unstable and be a potential safety hazard. PhillyDoors, Inc. will quickly respond to make sure your repair is expertly completed. Sometimes the door isn't the problem. The object sensors that are installed as a safety feature with the modern garage door can sometimes fail and this can cause the door to impact an object and get knocked off its track. We'll repair or replace the object sensors and restore your garage door to its previous luster. If your garage door repair needs are because of a direct impact to the door, there may be more problems than just the door being off track. Accidents happen to all of us. When that accident involves the garage door, it is important to make sure lingering damage doesn't affect the door's integrity. Our repair experts will inspect your door panels, sensors, springs, and other hardware to make sure that the door is fully restored to its previous operating condition.


The opening and closing mechanisms put a lot of strain on your garage door springs. When you add in the changing seasons that Pennsylvania offers, that stress can cause a garage door to break down. Broken garage door springs are one of the most common repairs we see on a regular basis. This means our repair experts can quickly take care of your problem and provide you with a high quality outcome. If you do have a broken garage door spring, it is important to leave the door alone from that point on. You'll know a spring is the issue if your garage door suddenly decides to stop moving or it immediately closes after a loud popping or banging sound. Should the spring decide to snap off for some reason, the situation can become quite dangerous. PhillyDoors, Inc. has more than two decades of experience dealing with emergency repair situations like this. Rest assured that when you call about your garage door repair needs, the job will be completed to your satisfaction.


You can be confident in your decision to contact PhillyDoors, Inc. with your garage door repair. We only provide the very best products, supplies, and repair personnel for your project, inspection, or emergency repair. Your satisfaction is and will always be our highest priority. You will receive confident and competent repair that will provide you with the garage security and exterior protection your home or business needs. A garage door emergency can happen at any time. If you have a repair need right now, then take a moment to contact us today. From start to finish and beyond, we believe that you'll agree with us that our trained, licensed, and insured repair experts provide the best garage door repair services in the Tri-State Area.


Whether you're replacing your old garage door, installing a new one, or are just installing a new garage door opener, PhillyDoors, Inc. can help with your project. A new garage door can provide better security for your home while give your curb appeal a face-lift. Our expert installation technicians will install your new classic, contemporary, or modern garage door with our guaranteed quality and at a price that is budget-friendly.


Garage door openers come with many different features. You might have keyless entry options, a battery back-up, or the traditional chain or belt drive motor that may need to be installed with your new garage door. Even motion detectors and laser parking aids are installed with the modern garage door today. Why call multiple contractors just to have one garage door installation project completed successfully? One call to PhillyDoors, Inc. will solve all of your installation projects in the Philadelphia area. Here's what you can expect when you contact us for your garage door installation. Same day, no obligation consultations and estimates regarding the project. Flexible scheduling that works around your schedule as much as possible. Guaranteed workmanship with our quality installation guarantee.


Some garage doors may benefit from having an automatic opener installed or having the current automatic opener replaced. If you're upgrading your current garage door instead of installing a brand new one, PhillyDoors, Inc. can still lend an expert hand to have your project completed on-time and as expected. We will inspect your current garage door to make sure it is free of defect. If we find any additional work that needs to be completed, we'll let you know and give you a free estimate before starting. Then we'll install or replace your garage door opener, test its performance, and make sure your garage area has been properly cleaned before we leave for the day. At PhillyDoors, Inc., our goal is to serve the Philadelphia community with garage door installation services that would replicate what we'd provide for our own homes. Our business is dependent on the reputation our expert installation technicians earn at every project they complete. If you're ready to install or upgrade your garage door, then be sure to contact us today. Together we can create a functional and secure garage entry that looks absolutely incredible.

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